The New Year is just about here and it's time to celebrate! The American Pyrotechnics Association (the experts) says that consumer education programs are paying off when it comes to teaching fireworks safety. In a recent report, the injury rate of fireworks-related accidents is down by 44%.

Shooting fireworks is so fun, and the kids love it. However, it's important to remember to lay out precautionary measures to keep everyone safe. A good majority of fireworks injuries are due to misuse or the use of illegal explosives. If you plan on lighting fireworks to ring in the new year or celebrate the Fourth of July, here are some helpful tips from the experts.

First, know how much you want to spend. Fireworks are very expensive and there are ways to get a lot of bang for your buck. Pyrotech experts say consumers should skip the "variety packs." A lot of times there are duds in the bunch. Not because gunpowder expires, but because of moisture exposure in the the storage facility.

Ballin' on a budget? Go with ground displays. Swap out the stratosphere-piercing projectiles and get Fountains. That's the fireworks that spray sparks straight from the top of their cone- and tube-shaped bodies. They're dirt cheap and maximize your display time.

“The average cake”—big boxes may blast multiple shots into the sky, but only last for 25-30 seconds. The Fountain fireworks like Cracklin' Crawfish, cost $1 and spray a kaleidoscope of color for three minutes. They also burn down to nothing, so there’s no trash to pick up.

A pack of bottle rockets costs a few bucks and can last an hour or more. They say smoke bombs, especially the big ones shaped like sticks of dynamite. They can put on surprisingly impressive displays. Ask to try the new Mega-Size Mortar Shells, they’re five inches and make quite a display.

The best time to buy fireworks is after the holiday weekend. Vendors do everything they can to sell old stock. That means marked-down prices of 30 to 50 percent. Just make sure you store them somewhere dry.

Don't let the colorful packaging on your newly purchased explosives overshadow that it’s a package of gunpowder. According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report, fireworks led to roughly 10,200 injuries in 2022 and 9,100 emergency room visits. In that same period, 64% of those injured by fireworks were men. It’s also worth noting that fireworks killed at least five people last year

So, have fun but be safe. Always use fireworks as directed. Use common sense, and take the lighter away from anybody under the influence.

Below is a look at the TOP FIVE CUSTOMER PICKS. For an expanded few on the best brands to buy see, THE TOP 10 BEST FIREWORKS


2.) Excalibur Platinum Artillery Shells

3.) Marine Life

4.) Glow Sticks

5.) Alpha Male


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