Cajun music star, Jamie Bergeron, has released a new single called Weather Man, and if the name of that song sounds familiar, it should. It was originally released by Hank Williams Jr. back in 1982. It has become a fan favorite over the years, even though it's not widely known by the average Country music fan.

Weather Man was released on Hank Jr.'s third album,The Pressure Is On, back in August of 1981 but the single wasn't released until 1982. That album produced iconic songs like A Country Boy Can Survive and All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down).

Now in 2021, Cajun boy Jamie Bergeron has resurrected the song and, of course, put his Louisiana flavor to the remake. Jamie is a big Country music fan and if you have ever been to any of his live shows, you know that because he always incorporates some old Country into his show.

Jamie has also put his spin on '80s pop songs and re-released them, like the 1991 Timmy T smash hit, One More Time. He even did a show with Timmy T in Louisiana where both Jamie and Timmy T performed it live together.

Jamie is also known for his high-powered Cajun music and the way he delivers it on his recordings and especially live. He has seen great success with songs like Shake it Shake it Baby, Registered Coonass, Havin' Fun, and Garde Pas Ca' to name a few.

Here is your chance to check out Jamie's new single below and tell us what you think.

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