You might be a redneck if you decided you want to pull the trigger on some of these items from Jeff Foxworthy. The comedian, actor, and recording artist is having a real estate sale. What is interesting about the sale is that not only does he have a ton of cool memorabilia that he has collected over time, but he does have random stuff that you would normally see at any other estate sale too. The company handling the Foxworthy sale is They have gone through, like most sales, and cataloged all of the items that Foxworth is selling, and then listed them on their site., Jeff Foxworthy, Jeff Foxworthy

The sale was set to last the latter half of this week, but they had to cancel the Saturday showing due to an overwhelming abundance of interest in all of the items Foxworthy has for sale. I had to laugh as I was going through the photos because it goes from neat signed posters to random decoration you could find at Marshall's on sale. I guess wanting to own his washer and dryer is in high demand!

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