Lake Charles native Jen Kober is bringing her comedy show to Lake Charles this Saturday to the old Luna Live (now called Zephyr).

kober 2

She has toured all over the country doing comedy shows, starring in TV shows, and even movies. Currently she is filming with fashion diva, RuPaul for his upcoming Netflix series called AJ and the Queen, set to release next year. Along with Kober will be natives Jeff D and Zack Locke, plus the "Old Lady", as Kober puts it, Beth Fremeaux.

Come see the show this weekend, I guarantee you will laugh till your face and sides hurt

I had the honor of interviewing Kober today during the show and we laughed until we both almost peed. If you'd like to buy tickets to the show, you can head over to her website, and purchase your tickets there. General admission is only $20, VIP tickets are $40. VIP includes special seating, and meet and greet with Kober, and a free copy of her newest DVD.

If you need to pay cash, just message me or email me from my website, I will hold some cash tickets at the door for you!

Want a chance to win some tickets of your very own? Kober will be in the studio Friday (Lord help us), joining me on air to talk more about the show, and give a few pairs out!

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