Not only does Jessie James Decker have the best selling record in America right now, she is also pregnant like every other woman who lives in Nashville.  She recently took to Instagram to share her baby gender reveal with us.

Decker, now 29, started her music career at the age of 15.  This is a cool side note, she lived in Louisiana for a while and was also linked to a romantic relationship with former Saints Running Back, Reggie Bush, at one time.

Jesse's husband is Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver, Eric Decker, or as he is known on the streets, "her baby daddy", lol.  As you can see from the video, Eric has really nice definition in his arms, which has done nothing for his fantasy stats this year, but hey, he can stack plates for days on the bench.

Congrats to the family on this happy occasion. You can watch the gender reveal video below!

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