In honor of the CMA Awards, here are some of the best country music "Mean Tweets" from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Excuse me while I watch this on repeat and laugh until I cry. I, seriously, can't get enough of this video. Not because I agree with any of the tweets, but because the tweets people come up with are so incredibly offensive, yet creative, that I almost want to be friends with the people who wrote them. Except for whoever wrote the Carrie Underwood tweet, that one didn't make and sense, not to mention the fact that it wasn't even correct English. But, it's Twitter and she was probably drunk, so who cares?

And now, it's time for me to address the Sam Hunt tweet, because Sam is my fake boyfriend and I gotta have my man's back. The tweet by @CcDoubleU said "Sam Hunt is the male version of Taylor Swift... Except his songs suck." You better check yourself @CcDoubleU! Yeah, Sam Hunt is kind of the male version of Taylor Swift, but his songs do not suck. His songs are basically every romantic situation I've ever wanted to be in, set to a beautiful melody, and a sexy verse of some rap sounding stuf,f all bundled up with Sam's angelic voice singing to my soul. It's magic. Or, maybe I just have an unhealthy Sam Hunt obsession. His country boy swag is just so undeniable, so, @CcDoubleU, stop denying it!

I'm sure you are a "Mean Tweet" addict, like me, so check some more out on the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page!

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