Signed, sealed, delivered. The Bengals have officially signed the former LSU quarterback. Joe Burrow was picked up by the Bengals after being the number one pick in the draft. However, the big nosey question we all have is: how much?

According to Adam Schefter on Twitter, the Heisman Trophy winner will be banking quite a lot now that the ink is dry on the contract. Pending a physical, Burrows' contract will be $36.1 million and he will receive $23.88 million within two weeks of him signing the contract. That's a heck of a signing bonus!

The Bengals were quick to show off their new quarterback getting to work.

Burrows' dad was interviewed recently after the contract signing. The question came up about how his dad, Jimmy Burrow, felt now that his son would be moving and playing for the Bengals. His dad's reply was possibly the greatest dad reply ever.

One last little tidbit of info. Madden 21 is quickly approaching its release date, and there is a screen grab of what Burrow will look like in the game. I can't tell whether I should be creeped out or not.

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