Before any sporting event, you're going to hear the National Anthem. I have been to plenty events in my life, and have heard it done many different ways. So of those ways were absolutely amazing, others not so much. I have seen a singer forget the lyrics mid-way and heard the crowd help finish the rest, but I have also heard monstrosities such as Fergie trying to do it for the NBA.

We all know Jimi Hendrix did it during Woodstock, and we have all heard it played on almost any instrument imaginable. One particular instrument I have personally never heard it on is the accordion. I have been in SWLA all of my life, and have never heard it played in such a way. Well, that was until Kaplan Highschool decided to give it a go.

Cajun Lures Kaplan Anthem 1

Introducing Lukas Meaux. Lukas stands to the sidelines making that squeeze box submit beautifully as the National Anthem oozes from his fingers. I have heard this song a million times, but I have watched this video over and over again to hear his version played beautifully on the accordion. Now, you can too!

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