State Representative Alan Seabaugh talked to a Shreveport radio station, KEEL and claimed Governor John Edwards lied to the state reps about opening the state. Now, the representatives are trying to overturn the Governor's extension of the stay-at-home order.

According to Seabaugh, the conference call the reps had with the Governor just before his press conference was about reopening the state and businesses slowly as planned.

...he came on a conference call with the republican delegation and told us that he was gonna start reopening restaurants and hair salons and small businesses on May 1. He did a complete about face without telling any body... and that's not okay.

The governor officially extended the stay-at-home order until May 15. Seabaugh said during his interview with the radio station that he felt lied to.

He clearly lied to us. He lied in a republican delegation meeting... He said businesses are going to start opening on May 1.

Seabaugh stated that after Edwards said he was unsure how the state was going to open businesses, but claimed they would indeed open on the original date of May 1. Now, with the extension of the order, the representatives are working toward a petition to overthrow the decision of the governor.

According to Seabaugh, as long as the majority of the representatives sign the petition, it would cancel the most recent extension given by Edwards and negate all rules and regulations put in place by the declaration.

The question then came up during the interview was if the governor could make another declaration to cancel out the petition. According to Seabaugh, the petition would be iron-clad and no other declaration related to the COVID-19 virus would be allowed to be put in place by Edwards for at least 60 days.

Seabaugh continued to talk about how the petition to overthrow the governor's decision has already been on the back burner for weeks, but they wanted to see how Edwards was going to handle the re-opening of the state. Seabaugh  said that if the petition is passed by the house, the entire declaration will be over and that there would no longer be any restrictions on gatherings or what businesses could be open. Seabaugh expects the petition to overthrow the governor's decision will pass easily.

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