I'll be the first to tell you I personally love a good dark-humor based joke. I have made a few hurricane jokes, some pandemic jokes, and even some freeze jokes. In those jokes, I know the audience around me. Would I make them on the air? No, probably not. In a city that seems to get some momentum only to take another hit, kicking it while it's down is a bit disheartening.

A recent American Press article seemed to get some local residents a touch heated as they read about the recent loss the McNeese Cowboys suffered in their first home game back after the pandemic, hurricanes, and an ice storm. The Pokes faced off against Incarnate Word this past Saturday at home. Spirits were high as the Cowboys took the field. Although they made a good run at a win, it just wasn't enough to beat out the Cardinals.

The Lake Charles American Press, of course, wrote about the game in their sports page the next day. The headline was quite smart, but some readers were a little offended at not only the title, but the excerpt that followed.

This screen shot from their online service began circulating around various social media sites. People began voicing their opinion, saying the article was titled in extremely bad taste. Did the American Press just show us the definition of a joke being too soon? Guess we will see whether their subscribers put a freeze on their subscriptions or not. See what I did there?

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