A Lake Charles Cajun restaurant announced yesterday on Facebook that they would close their doors later this week. The restaurant is on Highway 397 and East McNeese Street in East Lake Charles.

The restaurant we are talking about is The Back Porch. The owners posted on Facebook that they will be serving plate lunches all this week but after this Friday, June 2, 2023, they would be closing their doors for good.

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The Back Porch is formerly K'Bon's and is known for delicious plate lunches, boiled crawfish and other seafood, and live music on the restaurant's back porch.

The restaurant started off as K'Bons for a few years until the new owners bought it and turned it into The Back Porch. They would have live music on the back porch stage every weekend to entertain folks while they ate.

Local artists like Doc Wilder, Casey Peveto, Brad Brinkley, and so many more have performed live at the eatery to entertain the folks enjoying the food and music.

The owners posted Tuesday the news about the closure.

Back Porch Facebook
Back Porch Facebook

So we guess the next question is, will someone else re-open the restaurant once The Back Porch closes? We will have to see what happens but for now, it looks like a great locally-owned business and a great place to eat will be closing its doors according to their Facebook post.

We are sad to see that they are closing. We wish them luck in their future endeavors.

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