After the third heaviest rain the Lake Area has experienced on record, those 15 inches we received caused a lot of damage to personal and commercial properties. Lake Charles City Hall is asking all residents who received damage from flooding to report it to The site is easy to walk through and will ask you for pictures of the damage you received from the storm.

The website is designed to collect information of where flooding occurred to help local and state officials focus on locations that need the most help. The information attained from the website will aid in helping the area get incredibly necessary recovery assistance, once again. It does not guarantee anyone will receive the assistance, but it will help prove that we do, indeed, need it.

City Hall also mentioned that Public Works Crews have been out since this morning, clearing debris from roadways. Garbage collection will not take place in Lake Charles today, but will continue tomorrow. If your garbage was due to be picked up today, it will be collected tomorrow instead. If your garbage was to be picked up yesterday, it will also be picked up tomorrow during the day.

If you are still in need of an emergency rescue from your home, you can call 911. If it is not an emergency, City Hall is asking you to call 211 for other needs.

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