One of the greatest locals you may have not heard of has just released an amazing album. Justin Martindale wears many hats, one of them being a writer and performer. I ran across Justin a year ago during Chuckfest. Long hair, long beard, total hippie right? That was until he opened his mouth and began to play. Justin is backed by his band The Backstabbers, and the sound that emanated from the stage rendered me speechless. I stood and listened in amazement at what I was hearing. What was this genre? He classifies it as rock. I beg to differ totally. One song could be rock, the next country, another one folk rock. It just goes on and on from there. The man has a steel guitar in the album for crying out loud, it's country enough for me.

You can preview the album on iTunes here.

He has finally released his long-awaited ablum titled American Zen. I have personally been waiting to hear it for a few months now. He has sent me some teases here and there, along with me stalking his Facebook page from time to time. Now, it is out and it is really, really good. It dances around that same rock, southern rock, country, folk, whatever you want to call it. Either way, it's totally worth a listen.

Justin Martindale Martindale Media 2

The album is on iTunes and Spotify for your streaming pleasure. I highly suggest giving a listen to Tattoo of Texas, So You Wanna Be and Outlaw, Baby?, and The Other Side. It's all well worth a listen, and would be great to preview while you're sitting there at your desk or riding around.

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