I love weddings, hands down. I have been DJing and MCing them for a very long time. A few years ago, I even became ordained to officiate them. This last year alone, I have had the pleasure of doing almost 20 weddings. Each ceremony I go to is unique in its own way, whether it's huge and elaborate, or tiny and amongst family. Each one reflects the couple's personality, and they always make me smile.

Facebook, Maggie Bradshaw Photography

Back in October of 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting a local photographer named Maggie Bradshaw. Maggie was shooting a wedding downtown at the same time Chuckfest was going on. I was the MC for the main stage, and was told that, during the wedding, we needed to be quiet as the ceremony took place inside. Of course, we did our best to be quiet for the ceremony. It ended, and we got the word to go ahead and crank up the festival again. As we did, out pops the happy couple! We did their money dance right on Ryan Street in front of the main stage during Chuckfest. Maggie did an amazing job capturing these unique moments for the newlyweds.

Fast forward to this past weekend. The happy couple, the Bryants, had a special surprise up their sleeve no one was aware of. The ceremony was held under the giant oaks of Oak Crossing here in Lake Charles. The ceremony was lead by a dear, close friend of the bride and groom. Everything was beautiful as the ceremony rolled on. Despite it being a touch warm, I was just honored to have been invited to attend.

Facebook, Maggie Bradshaw Photography

As the officiant finished the ceremony, he turned the couple around to announce them as Mr. and Mrs., then introduced another addition.

...and baby!

As soon as the word left his lips, suddenly blue confetti went flying in the air. It was a wedding and a gender reveal all in one! I still have goosebumps even typing this. I have seen a lot of gender reveals, and I have seen a lot of weddings. Nothing could compare to how unique this entire wedding was. The couple had no idea about the gender, so the surprise in their faces captured by Maggie was pure and magical. Congrats to the happy couple, and thank you for inviting me to this double special day!

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