Sometimes L'Auberge Lake Charles comes up with the craziest venue ideas. Working there for 12 years, I have seen quite a few. I can remember a time we had a bathing suit store that turned into almost an adult store before closing. There was a random kid's store that then became a part of the gift shop. There was a giant arcade we would sneak off to randomly while at work, just to play the crazy games you couldn't play unless you went over to Houston even. Food-wise, they have been consistent. Asia is still a staple of the property, along with Ember, formally known as Snake River Grill. They have now changed the buffet over to the famous Drago's, and it seems they have added yet another food outlet to their arsenal.

L'Auberge Lake Charles
L'Auberge Lake Charles

Introducing Daiquiris and Dogs. Talking with the marketing team recently, I made the mistake of asking what does it serve. They stared at me blankly, but I know L'Auberge just doesn't stick to a name sometimes. Don't worry, I was right! The "bread and butter" of this new venture will, of course, be hot dogs and daiquiris. The hot dogs, as one would imagine, will not just be any regular hotdogs. Daiquiris and Dogs will actually feature real-deal Lucky Dogs from New Orleans. NOW the name makes way more sense. Think of it as a late-night snack after you've been partying all weekend, or a little boost before you really grab a few gears and really ramp up the party.

Talking to a few employees that have tried it already, they say it is indeed a home run and they cannot wait for their guests to come and try all it has to offer. Daiquiris and Dogs opens this Friday at L'Auberge Lake Charles, who's hungry?

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