An 86 year old Lake Charles man went to the Lake Charles Police station to report his lawnmower had been stolen. This wasn't the first time this had happened. The man lives alone, after his wife passed away a year ago, and buying a third lawnmower wasn't really in the budget, not many of us would even have it in the budget for a second one.

Lawnmower 1

After hearing of the story, a Facebook post was shared to help the man purchase a new one. A GoFund me page was opened and SWLA residents answered the call quickly. With only a goal of $200, the goal was reached and exceeded totalling $410, and has been shut down. Not only was the good Samaritan able to help the man out, but was able to also purchase the items to secure his new lawnmower to avoid future theft. The excess money that was collected after the purchase of the mower is also being given to the man to help out with upkeep of his brand new mower.

Lawnmower 3

We hear of donations all across the nation, daily. With the crazy world we live in, it's nice to realize that there are amazing people out there in the world, and even better when you realize that some are right here in our own community. The world of social media can be a tool to spread hatred. This time, it was used for good.

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