Nashville’s Lennon & Maisy Stella have teamed up with Sesame Street to perform a unique arrangement of one of the show’s classic tunes, “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon,” originally sung by the character Ernie in the '70s.

Lennon & Maisy’s simple, artful style is a perfect fit for the sentimental song, which certainly has a vintage singer-songwriter vibe. Their harmonies flow effortlessly, as usual, as the young ladies interact with whimsical scenery and even Ernie himself, who takes the second verse. The video is part of a series from Sesame Workshop called Love to Learn, a six-month campaign that pairs up YouTube stars with the muppets to explore new topics in each clip.

The Stella sisters are currently filming Season 5 of Nashville, on which they play Rayna James (Connie Britton)’s daughters. The show was recently picked up by CMT after being dropped by ABC, but many of the people involved, including the actors, have said they’ve welcomed the change, including Lennon.

“Honestly, I think it feels better,” Stella says in a behind-the-scenes video.

“The changes that we’ve made have kind of breathed new life into it,” says Callie Khouri, the show’s creator and executive producer. “The scenes are going to last a little bit longer, we’re not going to have quite so many characters.”

All of the primary characters are set to return, including Britton, despite rumors to the contrary.

“I don’t know where that stuff came from. It’s kind of crazy the stuff that comes out,” she says. “What I can tell you is, we’re on CMT now. We have amazing writers that I’m so excited about, and it’s going to be the best writing we’ve ever seen on Nashville and probably the best season we’ve ever had.”

Fans can catch Lennon and Maisy on the premiere of Season 5, slated to air Jan. 5, 2017.

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