Okay, you know the title had to happen, don't judge! You read it right, though: The Big Nude Boat is setting sail for two weeks in 2021 across the Caribbean Sea. The 75th annual Bare Necessities tour is set to depart February 14, 2021 and will make stops all throughout the sea for two whole weeks. At least it will be warm.

According to their website, their mission for their guests is:

to provide relaxing, entertaining and health-conscious vacation opportunities that offer non-threatening, natural environments where the appreciation, wonder and compatibility of nature and the unadorned human can occur

What's it going to cost you? Well, you'll save money on clothes, so no need for an outfit for each night. The cheapest room is an interior room starting at $599 and the most expensive suite is $4999. The group does charter the entire boat, so there will be no incident that you will book accidentally on your next cruise vacation. I'm sure that would be eye-opening.

Local Politicians Campaign At Nudist Colony
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Let's just hope they either have plastic on all of the furniture during the cruise or they sink it in Lysol when it's over.

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