Last night, recreational softball returned to Pattison Park and my little girl found herself back on the pitcher's mound. Man, did she look happy! That was sarcasm.


Ellie has played Rec. softball for a number of years now. I have had the opportunity to help coach some of the teams she has played for. Most seasons have been quite memorable too!

You see, Ellie prefers catching and she is a good catcher for the most part. But you see... there is the OTHER thing Ellie is really good at... that she is REALLY solid at.... is pitching!

Oh no! Her secret is out! Hey, a pitcher is key in Recreational Softball. Teams aren't looking at a 70-80 MPH pitch! No, just accuracy. Just put it over the plate, right?

Well, last year her coaches found out late in the season of her talent that. Yeah... they didn't lose another game after that.