A few weeks ago we learned that LIttle Debbie was stepping up their diabetes game by combining ice cream and their famous Christmas Tree Cakes.

The debut of the confection concoction was supposed to be today, but some shoppers over the weekend found it early in stores. Sometimes when you cross food genres, things can go bad real fast. The reviews, however, are pretty consistent when it comes to how good it actually is.

So what does it look like inside when you finally find a pint at the store? I've got you covered on that too!

The reviews are consistent, and from the pictures and videos I have seen, so is the taste. I really don't see how you could mess up white cake ice cream, sprinkles, red frosting swirling around, and pound cake pieces all inside.

I haven't been shopping for the week yet, but you better believe there is a spot for a few pints already reserved in my freezer!

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