This is they way we should start each day, I feel. Put on your best jeweled crown, and dance the morning away. This little girl stole her moms phone and decided to record herself dancing to Huey's Pop, Lock, & Drop it.

It starts with her saying "Alexa, play Pop Lock and Drop It". Alexa hits the track and off she goes. She intros her dance with one of the greatest kid lines ever! "Let's get this started before my mom comes down!" Haven't we all been there? Even if it isn't our parents, we could still say "Let's get this going before any one sees me!"

She starts dancing away and singing the words like she is the only thing that matters in the room. The video is absolutely precious, but I think there is a lesson we can all take away from this video. Sometimes you need to throw on your best crown, and dance to whatever moves you, like no one is watching.

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