Our very own Casey Peveto celebrated his birthday weekend the real Louisiana way. He went and made groceries out in the swamp. Casey tapped Cajun Outfitters to lend a hand on finding a dinosaur to land, and boy did they ever! Cajun Outfitters is famous for putting visitors of Louisiana and locals on some of the best experiences that Louisiana has to offer. They have brought visitors from New Mexico, Kentucky, and even Wisconsin out to the swamps only to return with the catch of a lifetime. Apparently, if you don't need a backhoe to pull it out of the boat, it's not big enough for these guys!

I talked to Casey about this behemoth that he landed. He told me it was just over 10 feet long and they pulled it out from the Atchafalaya Basin. Lord have mercy, remind me not to go back in those waters without a bazooka for protection. Casey said his plans for his "swamp lizard" is to mount the head to keep and then,

Make blackened gator bites and fried gator for months to come!

Casey Peveto
Casey Peveto

I don't think he is underselling the months to come part one single bit! The BIGGEST fun fact Peveto told me was that this swamp dinosaur weight in at just over 610 pounds! It's not very comforting to know that this gigantic Jurassic killing machine weighs almost two Buddy Russ'. Congrats to Casey Peveto and we wish him the best of birthdays!

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