Darren Romero was headed out to Cameron Parish over the weekend for a photo shoot when he stumbled across a very strange scene.

As he was driving along Holly Beach, he saw a herd of cattle standing around on the dunes with cowboys all around. I know quite a few cowboys and cowgirls, but never did I imagine they would be running cattle along the beaches of Cameron. According to a post by Julie Trahan in a local Holly Beach Facebook group, Darren ran across the West Hackberry Cattle Company. The company has been running cattle in the Holly Beach area for years.

Photo, Darren Romero

As Darren pulled out his camera to capture this very strange sight, one of the calves broke loose from the heard. Instantly, Jacque Trahan took off, rope in hand, ready to rope the runaway. He slung that rope like he was in the finals and got the calf back in line. No buckles to be won, no saddles to collect, no prize money awarded, no crowds to cheer him on. Just 100% pure, everyday cowboy work.

The rest of the cowboys out that day were Sabine Clement, Luke Clement, and Grant Trahan. These cowboys are part of a long generation of cattle ranchers in the Cameron Parish area.

Photo, Darren Romero

To me, these pictures are better than any rodeo I have ever been to. They're not out there for glory, they're out there to work and survive. Some of you non-city-folk might laugh at the reaction the photos get. I understand this is literally a common occurrence down in the area, but for us yankees up here in Calcasieu Parish, it might be one of the coolest things we have ever seen.

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