The main question in Lake Charles seems to be, "Who exactly keeps going to Long John Silver's to keep them open?"

It seems to be that it hasn't been enough. The news came through last night in a Facebook group. I called them last night personally but didn't get an answer.

It's not really big news; the franchise has been headed downhill for quite some time now. In 2014, the eatery had to close down over 16 locations due to the bad rap trans fat was receiving. As the franchise continued to spiral downward, the company sold off and began to combine forces in joint stores. Who doesn't want a root beer float and a diamond of fish?

The one here in Lake Charles, number 31129, has been around for ages. How was it staying open?

I drove by it this morning but didn't notice a sign. The lot was bare and no one seems to be answering the phone. As you look around on Facebook, you can finally answer the question, "Who is keeping that place open?"

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