They had one job.

A photo shared by WGNO viewers that went viral pointed out a street sign in New Orleans that was clearly misspelled.

The sign marking the intersection of "Louisiana" at Prytania was missing an "i." One New Orleans man did some investigating and found that signs marking "Louisiana Avenue at Coliseum, Chestnut, and Camp" were also spelled incorrectly.

Now, I can totally see where the spelling "Lousiana" could come from being that many people tend to pronounce Louisiana that way (LOO-siana) but when it comes to printed metal signs, LOO-EE-siana is definitely the way to go.

You wouldn't think that a city with correctly spelled street names like 'Tchoupitoulas' could ever make a mistake on such a simple word—especially our home state—but apparently this happens more often than we think according to one Facebook user.

We have two streets that intersect in St. Tammany that were spelled wrong. Took two years to get it fixed.

The photo going viral definitely caught someone's attention because shortly after it was posted all four signs were taken down.

Jono Barnes, Facebook

According to WGNO, the error wasn't a Public Works problem being that the signs along Louisiana Avenue were put up by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the drainage projects along multiple roadways around New Orleans.

In their defense, I highly doubt these signs come with spell check.


[via WGNO]