This December, a mom in Kansas came up with a new way her twin daughters could send their letters to Santa: by balloon.

Letecia Flores-Gonzalez, mom of four-year-old twins Luna and Gianella, wanted this last Christmas to be a memorable one, so she came up with a new idea for how her daughters could deliver their letters to Santa.

The twins wrote their wish lists as normal, but instead of mailing their letters, Letecia bought two helium filled balloons, attached their envelopes, and the girls released their letters outside. They watched them head due north, right to Santa.

The Flores-Gonzalez family lives in Liberal, Kansas and one of her daughters' balloons traveled more than 600 miles away and ended up near Shreveport, where it was found by Alvin Bamburg while he was out hunting. Bamburg's wife, Lee Ann, posted a picture of the balloon and letter on her Facebook page and asked if anyone knew who it could be.

Letecia Flores-Gonzalez saw the post on a Liberal, Kansas group and contacted the Bamburgs, The two families quickly became friends, and the Bamburgs visited Luna and Gianella in January of this year to give them gifts, including a small Dachshund puppy named Max for Luna.

Both families feel they have gained new family members and they talk on the phone almost every day now.

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