Future Louisiana Medical Marijuana patients may be surprised to learn that they can't legally purchase firearms!

Federal law prohibits gun purchases by an "unlawful user and/or an addict of any controlled substance." Way back in 2011, when many started to legalize the medical use of marijuana, the ATF issued a statement that says the law applies to marijuana users "regardless of whether [their] state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes."

Recreational Use Of Marijuana Becomes Legal In Nevada
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There have been state appeals courts across the country that have challenged the law, but to no avail, the FEDS aren't budging on this one, folks.

So just remember that if you become a medical marijuana patient that gun store owners and big box stores will most likely turn you away.  If that happens, please don't get your "homeboy" to buy a gun for you, because these employees are trained to spot "straw purchases" and could report you to the ATF, and they'll give you more trouble than you bargained for!  Well, unless living in a federal penitentiary is your life goal.

Below is a news story from New Mexico when their state first became "Green":

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