One of my musician friends, Lane Mack, came up with a new way to pass the time while social distancing. The thought is that instead of local musician friends and family playing covers of well-known artists, why not play covers of other fellow musicians? He posted the challenge on his Facebook page while playing a cover by Ray Boudreaux.

His idea apparently worked. Other local musicians heard the challenge and began doing the same thing. Kristen Foreman is from Carencro, Louisiana. She saw the challenge, grabbed her guitar, and played Dustin Sonnier's Neither Do I. 

Laura Huval jumped on the bandwago and added in a little accordion to spice things up as she covered Old Angel Midnight. 

Mack challenges anyone to do the same. You get to learn new music, all while introducing your own fan base to someone they might have never heard before. If you are a musician and want to participate, Mack is using the hashtags #coverafriend #friendsundercovers

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