You can buy your morning donut with a debit card, but up until this month, you couldn't go down to the Office of Motor Vehicles and get a new license with one.  Or a credit card.  Or anything but cash, actually. At some locations, I hear they were still taking cash deliveries from the Pony Express.  Jeez.

But that's all changed now, as the Louisiana OMV has ended our statewide embarrassment by finally installing credit card machines at locations statewide. You don't have to sit in line thinking, "It's 2014 now ... surely I can swipe my debit card, right?" only to find out that, no, you'd better have exact change in gold doubloons or something.

But enough griping -- you can swipe a card at a physical location, or you can use your card through the OMV's website:  While there, you can conveniently pay for cool and groovy things like:

Dang, son.  That's a serious improvement.