Louisiana can't catch a break when it comes to ranking among the other 49 states. Seems the only good thing about the Bayou State is our food, otherwise we're one of the most dangerous states in the United States of America. That sucks.

Source: WalletHub

The folks over at WalletHub conducted a study for "2017's Safest States in America," and Louisiana ranked 49th behind Missouri (46), South Carolina (47), and Oklahoma (48), with Mississippi ranking 50th in the nation as the most dangerous states to live in. Which honestly isn't saying much, because our neighbors in Texas ranked 41st, with their total overall number being 7.35 safer than their favorite place to gamble. Sadly, they're still kicking our butt in the ranks, so my last statement was a pointless observation. I'm just trying to deflect the fact that my state is pretty freaking terrible outside of the food and the great people I know.

You're probably wondering now, how did they assess their data? Analysts compared "37 key safety indicators into five different categories" which were based on "assaults per capita", "unemployment rate", and "total loss amounts from climate disasters per capita."

Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Hampshire are ranked as the top 5 safest places to live in America. I'm going to be childish for a second and say, their food isn't better than ours though! *sticks out tongue*

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You can read the full list of where each state ranks, as well as the complete breakdown at WalletHub.com.

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