Last night, South Louisiana's own James Dupré auditioned for the hit singing show The Voice on NBC.  Dupré who is from Bayou Chicot, La., which is just North of Opelousas made a big impression on the audience and the coaches last night getting a four-chair turn.

James Dupré is a country music artist and now lives in Nashville, Tenn.  But after last night -- and considering who he picked as his coach -- he might be trying other genres of music.  This isn't James Dupré's first time singing on national TV.  A few years ago, he appeared on Ellen Degeneres' show.  Here is the video from his appearance.

People here in Southwest Louisiana may remember James Dupré as he used to perform here in Lake Charles a lot at the old Yesterday's nightclub in Lake Charles.  I had a chance to meet him a few times and let me tell you, he is not just a great artist but also a great guy!

Here is a picture of me and James at the old Yesterday's back in 2010.

James Dupree and Mike Soileau
James Dupree and Mike Soileau (Photo by Mike Soileau)

Last night, James was the last artist featured on the show which is usually reserved for the best artist of the night and James didn't disappoint.  He sang "Let Her Cry" originally sung by Hootie and the Blowfish.

Within 10 seconds of James singing, three of the four judges hit their button and turned around for him.  Blake Shelton was the only judge that took a little bit longer but eventually turned his chair to to give James a four-chair turn.

Here is James Dupré's audition last night and who he chose as his coach:

Good Luck James, all of us here in Southwest Louisiana are routing for ya!

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