Appearing on Buckwheat Zydeco's Waitin' for My Ya Ya album, the song Tee Nah Nah has been re-recorded and performed time and time again. The question about it? What in the heck does it even mean?

The song talks about a man being in love with a woman whom is already married. The writer is afraid that if he actually says her real name, he's going to be in a world of trouble. Also, those are pretty much the entire lyrics to the song.

Facebook, Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition

The meaning of Tee Nah Nah has a few variations. Some Cajun French enthusiasts claim that it means "little girlfriend," others say it means to be a measurement of perfection. Like saying "you hit the nail on the head." No matter how you interpret it, whomever Tee Nah Nah is, she must be special enough to have a song written about her.

Facebook, Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition

There have been many performances of the song, but in Louisiana, the performance by Ryan Foret & Foret Tradition seems to be the version that everyone agrees is the best. The band, from Westwego, LA, has been around since 1999, when lead singer Ryan Foret was a senior in high school. Foret comes from a family of musicians, including his brother Brandon, who plays in the band as well.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, Foret released the album Tee Nah Nah. The album caught fire and so did the band. The song was uploaded to YouTube on January 17, 2012. Since its introduction to YouTube, it has received 988,263 views and is still climbing. Now, national recording artists see a million views at the drop of a hat, but for a local swamp pop band to see a million views, to me, should be considered a huge milestone in their career. Take a listen for yourself!

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