Two undefeated teams, and one was leaving with a loss at the end. Clemson hit the Tigers strong at first but Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Burrow, got warmed up and got to work. Burrow ended the game with 31 of 49 passing, six touchdowns (one being his own), finished with 463 yards, and broke Deshaun Watson's record for yards in a championship game. The NCAA single-season record for touchdown passes was also broken.

This team will go down as one of the greatest teams in college football history or LSU football history. - Coach O

During a post game press conference with Burrow and Ogeron, emotions were high and the boys looked a bit dazed, shocked, and tired. The press asked Burrow about how it will feel to be one of the most famous people in Louisiana for years to come.

What we did tonight can't be taken away from us, I don't know about being a hero, but this [day] will be remembered for a long time

It was asked if the Tigers were Burrow's team this year to linebacker Patrick Queen.

We always knew this was Joe's team from the day he came in. For Joe to come out on day one and share his experience with us, we already knew it was his team.

Obviously, the players are all about the team, and knowing that they couldn't do it alone. They give honor and respect to each other knowing they cannot do it alone, but also know that they have key players who are second to none for this season.

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Coach O was asked what they are doing next. According to him, it's time to get back to work.

We gonna go to class on Wednesday and get started on next year

Congrats to the Tigers! It was a well deserved 15-0 victory. They certainly made this non sports guy a little bit more into the game.

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