Wait? What? LSU's football team doesn't play a game this week. They certainly don't play a game on Thursday. That kind of nonsense is reserved for the NFL and other teams that can't get on TV on Saturdays.

Still, LSU will play the Tiger Bowl this Thursday. It's part of a practice plan that Coach Ed Orgeron has used at other schools. If you're not familiar with what the Tiger Bowl is then here is the basic idea.

During Thursday's practice session players that do not see much action on the field will play what amounts to a scrimmage. The starters and players who normally see frequent action will act as coaches, mentors, water boys, and advisors to those younger players.

The guys get to coach. I'm going to name offensive coordinators, head coaches. On Thursday they are going to go out and coach the younger guys and they're going to get to compete. We get a chance to see the young guys play. It gives the older guys a break, have fun.

Orgeron's comments were reported in a story penned by NOLA.com reporter Jim Kleinpeter. 

The interim coach went on to say that after Thursday's Tiger Bowl he will give the team the weekend off. Then the Tigers will get down to the business of preparing for the University of Alabama. The Crimson Tide are ranked number one in the nation and will be heading into Baton Rouge on November 5th for a game that will kick off at 7 PM on CBS television.