Breaking News. ESPN is reporting that LSU is set to hire Brian Kelly who is currently the head coach at Notre Dame as the next LSU football head coach. Kelly will be replacing Ed Orgeron who just finished coaching his last game for the Tigers.

Kelly who has been the head coach at Notre Dame for the past 12 seasons is leaving South Bend for the bayou. Reports are saying a deal could be finalized in the next 24 hours, ESPN said. 

Back in October, LSU and Ed Orgeron made the announcement they had agreed together that Orgeron would not return to the LSU football program in 2022.

Kelly has racked up 92 wins at Notre Dame and the 60-year-old coach took Notre Dame to a national championship game and in the College football playoffs in 2018 and 2020.

Notre Dame is currently 11-1 this season and is ranked 6th in the nation. They still have an outside chance to make the college football playoffs this season too.

We found out over the weekend after LSU beat Texas A&M that LSU would be bowl eligible seeing they finished the season 6-6. After the game, Orgeron announced in his press conference that he would not coach the Tigers in the bowl game.

Once the deal is finalized, LSU should be making the announcement that Brian Kelly will be the next head coach of the LSU football team.

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