So picture the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard.  That thing is huge right?  Well think a little smaller scale and that is what is about to be put into the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

The facility is where the LSU basketball teams play.  What is crazy is the new video board would rank as the 11th largest if it was in a NBA arena.  Now that's big time huh?

According to LSU's website:

The videoboard will feature two sideline high-definition screens that each measure 42 feet by 21 feet for a total of 882 square feet of video space per board.


The baseline facing boards, also in HD, will measure 24 feet by 20.5 feet for 984 square feet of video space. In all, the videoboard will give fans 2,748 square feet of HD video.


The price tag for the new video board is a little over $3 million.

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