If you weren't aware of the bromance the two country stars, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, have, it's time to show an example. It will also show you how crazy fans get when they don't realize it's a joke and the two are longtime friends in the industry.

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On August 17, Blake Shelton took to Twitter to share a meme of BFF Luke Bryan with a warning about fatigue when listening to any of Bryan's music.

Of course, Shelton adds a bit of insult to injury by saying he was also feeling a touch tired when listening to Luke's songs. The joke comes from the announcement of Bryan's new album being released, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. Fans of Luke Bryan didn't seem to take the joke too well.

Luke decided to fight back, and so did his fans. Some even went as far as saying they haven't listened to Shelton since his new romance of Gwen Stefani popped up onto the country music scene. Luke Bryan saw that opportunity and capitalized on it.

Shots fired from the American Idol judge. Luckily, most fans knew all of this was a big joke amongst friends. Others learned that info as the back and forth went on throughout the day. Both stars shook hands by promoting each other's new music: Luke Bryan with his new album and Shelton with his new duet currently on the radio with Gwen Stefani.

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