I will always say that Luke Combs breaks all of the rules when it comes to new music. When he writes a song, he automatically records himself playing it and shares it with his fans. Now, he makes you work for being able to hear them. He might post one on Facebook and the next on on his Twitter, but he still shows off his new music before it ever touches an album.

Combs has had a heck of a year with an album, awards, getting married, and now he has announced his next album, set for October 23. The album is the second half we have all been waiting for called What You See Ain't Always What You Get. The release date was announced by the bearded beer drinker just a few hours ago on his Twitter account.

We get five new songs from Combs, per his tweet, and I can bet each one will be a hit, knowing his current track record for music releases. Fans can pre-order or pre-save the album on their respective music listening apps. Once the songs arrive, they will be added to the playlist of your choosing.

Along with the new album, he has also announced tour dates for 2021. Assuming we can actually watch a concert by then, he is set to play the Houston rescheduled show in October of 2021. Let's just hope that, by then, everything will be back to normal for an actual concert. I had to skip the April show for my birthday because of the dang rona.

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