He's famous for sitting down with just his guitar and playing new songs he's just written. Many times we have seen Luke Combs sitting on his couch with a piece of paper in front of him containing the words of a song he had just written. In fact, his most recent album could be heard track for track if you followed all of his social media accounts. That didn't seem to hurt his album or streaming services as the album shot up to number one as soon as it was released.

Now, he is back doing it again. This time, on Twitter. @Lukecombs has been extremely active on his Twitter account posting memories of his Opry when he was invited to join.

The fact that he set a record as the second artist in over 56 years to have two albums sit at number 1 for at least 20 weeks.

It's no doubt the man is doing something right, and we all absolutely love it. I don't think he can write a bad song, or even sing one poorly. This new song he is working on is right up there on the list. According to his Twitter post, the song is called Cold As You. It talks about losing a girl and headed to the bar that has beer almost as cold as the woman that left him. He goes on to even compare the bar to the girl! My favorite line is when he compares the dirty bathroom floor not being as dirty as she did him. Mic drop for King Combs! Makes perfect sense to me! Take a listen for yourself!

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