There is a company out here in the world called Rockabye Baby! Music. They take pop songs, rap songs, reggae, and more. Replace the instruments with chimes, xylophones, and other baby-type instruments, and record them in a lullaby style song. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing, and I am currently addicted to them. As I am typing this article, I am listening to No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley.

The music group has now teamed up with none other than Snoop Dogg to use his most popular songs as their next round of lullaby songs. The project lists 12 songs from the Dogfather, and there is one already released on the Rockabye website. Some of the songs included on this next album will be Lay Low, Drop It Like It's Hot, Sensual Seduction, Doggy Dogg World, and of course Gin and Juice.

You can currently hear a sample of Gin and Juice on the Rockabye Baby Youtube Page. I have to admit, it's more soothing than I even imagined!

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