The website Moneyish is reporting some parents are paying upwards of $300 for a few prints from mall Santas this holiday season!

Does that sound out of control to anyone else?  Apparently, malls all across the US are sky rocketing their package prices for a pic with ol' St. Nick.

Here are some of the packages they are reporting on:

1.  At Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, a "fast pass" pack that helps you skip the line costs $50 and you get 14 different-sized prints.

2.  At The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, there are packages that cost $29 or $56 and if you want to do multiple poses it's another $20.  If you want the digital file of the pictures it's another $15.

3.  At Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, six prints cost $40.

4.  At The Grove in Los Angeles, the photo packages start at $40 . . . but you don't even get any printed photos for that.

5.  But the most expensive might be in New York City, where there's a special studio for Santa photos.  The packages start at $135 and if you want any retouching, you're looking at $325.

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