It's a challenge I was previously not familar with, but it does sound interesting. It's called the Waffle House Challenge. The idea is that if you are forced to do it, like in the case of Cyrus Wittig, you must sit in a Waffle House of your choice for 24 hours.

There is a catch, you have the ability to remove those 24 hours from your clock if you eat waffles. For each Waffle you consume, an hour is removed from your sentence. Essentially, eat 24 waffles, your sentence is done, and you can leave.

Let's get back to Cyrus Wittig. He recently lost a bet playing fantasy football, and the loser had to do the Waffle House challenge. Luckily for us, he tweeted about it as he participated. Side not, have you ever seen our local Waffle House with such fluffy waffles?

Cyrus gave himself some time once arriving at the Waffle House to get situated and get his appetite going. He gets bold and orders six waffles to begin with. His game plan was decent, only dip the waffle in the syrup and not use any butter. Perhaps to help save room. He powers through the first few.

He gets four waffles down, and decided it was time for a little pallet change.

According to his tweets, he was able to polish off 6 waffles in just under two hours. He cleared his seventh waffle, but it took him two hours to finish it. His beverage of choice for this contest was Sprite.

After some time, the crew change happened. The outgoing staff informed the incoming crew what was going on and they all became cheerleaders for him!

Wittig ended up powering through 10 waffles, and timed it just right that he was able to leave after it. There were some delays for stomach breaks here and there, the place got busy at one point, and he ran through a third shift of employees. He finishes off his day like a true player, he offers advice for future challenge-goers.

He also woke up the next day feeling cocky!

This is a challenge I can get behind. Could be a fun way to raise money for charity. Anyone wanna give it a go with me?

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