Among the other dignitaries in attendance at the Lake Charles Civic Center yesterday, Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter was there to greet the new President of the United States to our city. Hunter seems to always lay things out not only in the media, but also on his social media platform. His remarks and recap about his interaction with the President were no exception.

Since day one after Hurricane Laura left the city devastated, Hunter has been a driving force to make sure the country does not forget the city of Lake Charles. He obviously didn't hold back when interacting with the President. His speech before President Biden further proved that point.

Hunter gave the example at the beginning of his speech before the President that after Laura hit, there would have been no way anyone could have met along the Lake Charles Civic Center seawall. He spoke about both hurricanes and the devastation that resulted after each. He went on to give the further example of the freeze the city suffered from after having three other declared disasters hit the area.

As he closed his speech, Hunter spoke on how even though his beliefs differ from the President, the willingness to put all that aside for the city and community of Lake Charles is the most important thing to do at this time. He commented that although he is very appreciative of the conversations he has had with members of the United States government, every day the lake area does not receive aid from Washington, D.C. is another day it fails the city of Lake Charles.

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