Although I am a Coke drinker, I tend to stay away from caffeine after 6:00pm. Yes, I am admitting I am old and caffeine messes with me at night, making it difficult to actually fall asleep. For awhile, I would swing through McDonald's and catch some nuggets and a Hi-C Orange. Don't judge, it just tastes better and reminds me of my childhood.

One day, just like other fans of the orange sugary beverage, my Hi-C was gone from the menu at McDonald's. A sad day indeed, and I had to switch over to Sprite. Although appreciated, it just didn't have the same feel as I sadly cried over my nuggets. The Twitter world has apparently had enough of the lack of orange hydration and decided to approach McDonald's as if it were GameStop on the stock market. McDonald's finally heard the call and has responded with amazing news.

Leading up to the big announcement, the controller of @McDonalds began to take ideas of how to actually present to their boss on how to go about even beginning to bring the beverage back. The internet responded with pictures and various presentations that are absolutely hilarious.

The presentation worked, and apparently we will be seeing the orange goodness returning to stores. Obviously, there is no set return date but hopes are extremely high for us all. If that is all it took to get Hi-C back into McDonald's, I have a great idea to bring back what I consider to be the greatest Hi-C flavor of all. Can we please get the Hi-C Ecto Cooler back? Could that be a thing?

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