It's only been a year, but McNeese Cowboy Football head coach, Sterlin Gilbert, has resigned as of Sunday according to a release by McNeese Sports. According to multiple sources, he is headed north to reunite with Dino Babers. Gilbert worked under Babers in both Bowling Green and Easter Illinois. In 2013, Gilbert was even voted as the FCS Coordinator of the year in Easter Illinois.

Gilbert's record for the Cowboys was 7-5 and 5-4 in Southland Conference play, it was his only season as a head coach. He has previously been the Offense Coordinator at Tulsa, Texas, and South Florida, and the other two under Dino Babers. The next issue for Syracuse is that they already have an OC, their spots for OC and Quarterback Coach are still occupied. Syracuse had a someone disappointing record in 2019 with 5-7.

Let's hope former coach Gilbert can remind his players to keep their grades up, unlike he did for the Cowboys.

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