Lots of changes are coming from the athletics department at McNeese. As former men's basketball head coach, Heath Schroyer, stepped down to focus more on his position as athletics director for the Cowboys, McNeese has now posted a women's head coach position. Schroyer was wearing the hat as head coach for the men's team and pulling double duty as athletic director as the pandemic began in 2020. Schroyer has now named the 11th men's basketball coach for the Pokes to be John Aiken, former associate head coach for the men's team.

Now, it seems it's time to make some more changes. McNeese has added a Women's Basketball Head Coach position. The position will start on April 1 of this year. The position was posted Monday, and with an April 1 start date, it seems they want to move fast on getting it filled. Women's basketball finished off this 20-21 season overall with a 6-16 record featuring a six-game losing streak. The new head coach for the Cowgirls will have their work cut out for them for the 21-22 season for sure.

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