From time to time I get people telling me how I look like people. I get it, fat guy, beard, loud. We all look a like. I get a picture of this guy in this exact jacket. Immediately I fall in love with his sense of fashion. Then I realize his is a country singer. Ok, check and check.

I give him a listen on my way home the other night. First track is Mr. Jukebox. About a bar singer talking about how he will sing the songs you want to make your night go as you want. IN.LOVE!

Hedley was born in Florida and moved to Nashville, where he hung out at a VFW with the "old guys". That is also where he picked up the fiddle at age 8. In his mid 20s, he began writing music and has not looked back.

My favorite part about him is his quote about his music versus "others" music.

Not everything is Coors Light and tailgates

Take a listen to Mr. Jukebox, and then the rest of the songs on the album. You might want to grab a beer!

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