Working in the entertainment industry for a better part of two decades, I have met a lot of cool people. I have smoked a cigar with Larry the Cable Guy, eaten spaghetti with B.B. King, and even drank coffee with Ronnie Milsap. I took a road trip yesterday over to Texas to this amazing venue south of Beaumont and made the joke to myself that Clay Walker lives around here somewhere.

I started following Walker on TikTok recently, and I highly suggest you do the same. He interacts with fans as they sing his songs, or even just ask him random questions. As we are sitting at our table enjoying this little cajun band, I see this crowd of people standing around a random guy. I'm in Texas so I just automatically think he must be a rodeo star. As the crowd shuffled around, low and behold I see the one and only Clay Walker. Jeans, boots, vest, baseball hat, and a Corona in his hand! The beer, not the virus.

Buddy Russ Photo
Buddy Russ Photo

I wasn't going to miss a chance, I am going to go say hi and be "that guy" and catch a selfie. So I waited my turn and stuck my hand out.

We are about to be best friends because I work in radio, and we play your songs from time to time.

He laughed out loud as he shook my hand, and even gave me a little side bro hug. I talked about how I loved seeing him on TikTok and I respected the fact that he does what he can to interact. My next question was to what is he doing just hanging out.

I haven't been out in months! We don't play since this virus, and I really haven't left the house. We [his Godfather] decided to get dressed and come listen to some music, get out of the house, and try and mingle a bit as safely as possible.

I was always a fan of the man before, but being able to just talk to him and share our complaints about being cooped up for so long was a neat experience to share. We shook hands again, and then sanitized afterwards! On my way back, I decided to listen to some of my favorite Clay Walker songs and share them with you!

All About Clay Walker

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