You'd think he could have smelled it coming, but that was not the case at a bar in Metairie.

Bryan Thayer left work and decided to stop off at a bar after his shift. Thayer met a friend of his at one bar and ended up buying a drink for another man sitting at the bar named Andrew Nierman. The drink somehow spilled on Nierman, but it was replaced by Thayer, according to him.

Nierman walked off from the friends but, according to Thayer, returned to the two friends moments later and began threatening Thayer. Thayer claims Nierman grabbed him by the head and bit off a chunk of his nose.

After the incident, Thayer was left bleeding at the bar and Nierman took off running and got into a vehicle to leave. Nierman was arrested for second-degree battery and resisting arrest for failure to provide identification. He has since been released on a $25,500 bond.

Thayer received surgery to have the portion of his missing nose reattached, but he now claims he cannot return to work due to the severity of the injury.

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