I gotta admit, I am super excited that it's coming back. Micro Wrestling is returning to the Lake Charles Civic Center this Sunday, March 8. I experienced my first show last year, and within minutes I was addicted!

These tiny wrestlers give their all and do it better than most of us who are double their size. The acrobatics are insane, the villains and good guys go back and forth throughout the show, and there are even a few twists toward the end. The best part about it? It's kid-friendly!

We sat front row last year, and I plan on doing the same this year. Not really knowing what to expect, I am not one to hoop and holler when it comes to things like this. I usually just sit back and enjoy, but I had no voice left when the show ended. I had yelled and screamed the entire time cheering on my favorite wrestler!

The show is truly for all ages, and this time they are bringing even more wrestlers to compete for the championship belt. Showtime is 6:00pm and tickets start at $17.99. That's cheap Sunday even entertainment, if you ask me!


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